Why Cloud9 Dynamics?

There is a misconception that Digital Transformation is a technology play. Digital Transformation is in fact a mindset, like Agile, like Lean Six Sigma or Business Agility, it lies squarely with people embracing the change agenda, before technology enables the change transformation.

Technology is constantly changing, and it sometimes feels like way too much effort to keep up with a moving target. The ultimate decision for any business is to ask itself:

• Is keeping up with technology change something you can achieve alone?

• Do you have a technology strategy to help bridge the horizons of your business strategy ‘vision’?

• Will your solution architecture survive the businesses digital change agenda?

If you cannot safely answer these questions, then you need to start thinking who can help ‘you’ transform in this fast-paced technology environment, who believe in getting it done right and who believe that partnering long term enables success.

At Cloud9 Dynamics we take our learnings over a long 20+ year journey and apply new technology to solve business problems.

Cloud9 Dynamics provides value add services that enable Business Agility through digital transformation. We can confidently say that over a 20+ year period we have been doing this for others, now we believe branching out can deliver these services to protect your business today and into the future.

Cloud9 Dynamics will also help you stay up-to-date with technology so that you do not miss opportunities, become irrelevant or fall behind your competitors. Remember Kodak?

They taught us all an invaluable lesson: don’t be afraid to embrace change.

Carl Breitenbach

Founder / Director

“Joining strategy to actions”

Over 20 years of senior strategic, architectural and operational leadership experience, Carl combines a passion for disruptive technology with extensive expertise in legacy cultural hacking; bringing together business, technology and financial interests to deliver outcome anywhere, anytime.

David Linton

Founder / Director

“Getting it done right every time”

A well respected technology industry expert with over 20 years in delivering, building or modernising large scale enterprise technology platforms, across many different customer segments. David is responsible for bridging technology and business language barriers to ensure technology gets it done right every time.